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Call for articles – Safeguarding Practices in Intangible Heritage

The main purpose of the website www.safeguardingpractices.com   is to present experiences in safeguarding intangible, or living, cultural heritage in the Nordic and Baltic region. 

Broad call for articles
This first call for articles is broad: we are interested in a broad range of examples of different safeguarding practices from the whole region.
The deadline for submitting articles is March 1st, 2021.

Identifying good practices
Some key points to identifying good potential articles on safeguarding. 
Good practices:
… demonstrate innovative, creative or effective approaches to safeguarding intangible cultural heritage
… involves the participation of relevant stakeholders such as communities or practitioners
… is a way forward to identify/document/research; preserve/protect; promote/enhance; transmit; revitalize intangible cultural      heritage.
… best reflect the principles and objectives of the UNESCO 2003 Convention

Suggested structure of the article: 
The structure/section headings of the article could be as follows:
 (Please also have a look at the articles already published on www.safeguardingpractices.com )

  1. Background. Presentation of the ICH practice, and the community, practitioners and bearers concerned.
  2. Why safeguarding? Identifying threats and need for safeguarding.
  3. Objectives and goals
  4. How it was done. Strategies and measures used in the safeguarding practice. 
  5. Key factors.  Sharing experiences from the safeguarding activity.
  6. Summing up. Did it work? (We are not just interested in the success-stories, it is just as interesting to share experiences with projects and measures that has challenges) 

Article length and details
The articles should be from 500 to 1500 words, in English.
We are looking into the possibilities of later including the text in both English and the original language of the writer/practitioner. So, if the text is translated into English, we are also interested in the article in the original language.
The article should be submitted as text only, without images. You will be asked to submit the pictures later.
In case of references / bibliography, these should be in Harvard-style. Example:
In-text: (Shriver and Atkins, 1999, p.12)
In bibliography: Shriver, D.F. and Atkins, P.W. (1999). Inorganic chemistry. 3rd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
The authors are responsible for proofreading the text for misspellings before passing it to the editorial board. Image files will be requested separately later. 

Submitting articles
Submissions should be sent to the publications editor Einar Stamnes  einar.stamnes@handverksinstituttet.no 
The editor will then forward the articles to the editorial board for discussion.